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I set up my recording studio back in 2019, when I began recording my own original material. After recording three albums and honing my craft, I began working with other artists. I'm meticulous with my approach to production, and strive to bring the best out of every project I work on. 

The studio features a live room for tracking and a control room for mixing & mastering. I have a good collection of microphones and VST plugins. I record through a 32 channel mixer.



Presonus Studio One 6 Professional


Presonus Studiolive Series iii

Instruments, Amps and FX

American Stratocaster
Modified Superstrat 
Ibanez SR500 Bass
Nylon Guitar
12 String Guitar
Lap Steel Guitar
Resonator Guitar
Yamaha P45 Digital Piano (With MIDI)
Vox AC30
Vox AC15
Crowther Hot Cake Distortion Pedal
Crybaby 535Q Wah Pedal
MXR Analog Chorus
TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Virtual Instruments

IK Multimedia Philharmonik 2
IK Multimedia MODO Bass
Presonus Mai Tai
Presonus Impact
Presonus Mojito
Presonus Presence
Steven Slate Drums


Intel custom build with 12th Gen i9 16 Core-Processor, 32gb RAM


2 x Seinheiser e614 (Supercardioid)
2 x Audio Technica AT2020 (Large Diaphram Condenser)
2 x T-Bone Sc1100 (Multi Polar Pattern Condenser)
1 x AKG D112 (Dynamic Mic)
2 x SM57 (Dynamic Mic)
2 x T-Bone SC140 (Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser)
1 x T-Bone BD500 (Boundary Mic)
1 x T-Bone MB75 (Dynamic Mic)
1 x T-Bone RB500 (Ribbon Mic)
4 x SM58 (Dynamic Mic)

VST Plugins

EQ Plugins

Waves EQP1A
Waves Puigtec MEQ5
Waves RBass
Waves SSL Channel
Waves SSLG Channel
Presonus Fat Channel
Presonus Pro EQ

Compression & Saturation Plugins

Waves CLA-2A
Waves DBX-160
Waves Decapitator
Waves SSL Comp
Waves J37
Waves Kramer Tape
Waves Magma Lil Tube
Waves LinMB
Waves MV2
Waves NLS Channel
Waves NLS Bus
Presonus Compressor
Presonus Fat Channel

Reverb & Delay Plugins

Waves Abbey Road Chambers
Waves Abbey Road Plates
LX480 Essentials
Native Instruments Replika
MPXI Native Reverb
Presonus Room Reverb



Amp Sims

Amplitube 5
Presonus Pedalboard

Misc Plugins

Addictive Trigger
Waves Reel ADT
Waves Silk Vocal
Waves Torque
Melodyne Essentials
Izotope Vinyl
Izotope Vocal DoublerC

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